Oklahoma Aquarium

Aquarium staff came to us with great ideas for new exhibits and events.

Hayes Art Exhibit

The director sketches of how he wanted the river to go for the otter and beaver exhibit. We figured out the proportions, skylights, and how the building needed to be laid out to accommodate the design.

Sea Turtle Exhibit

To figure out all the different possible views for this exhibit, we created a 3D model of the entire thing. This allowed us to see how moving things around in the design would affect the exhibit from every angle.

Event Center

The Aquarium needed an adaptable space capable of hosting events of any size. We designed it with multiple configuration options: three small rooms, two medium rooms, or one large space.

Small Animal Research Center

The Education Building was moving into the Event Center, so the old space could transition into a lab. This included room for aquatic habitats. These would house pre-exhibit specimens, and provide a space for raising them, make sure they’re healthy, and acclimating to the new environment. We had to design room for a lot piping, plugs and equipment.